Coverage Termination

Coverage terminates at 11:59 p.m. local time at the address of the university on the earliest of the dates indicated below:

  • The end of the Period of Coverage.
  • The date on which the Medical Plan terminates.
  • The date a student withdraws from school to enter military service. In this case a prorated refund will be available upon request.
  • The first day of any term for which a student waives coverage.
  • The end of the period for which the required payments have been received, if future payments cease.

If Case Western Reserve University terminates and does not replace this medical plan, students then receiving or entitled to receive benefits for a covered sickness or injury will continue to be covered for that disability for up to 52 weeks following the date of termination or in accordance with the time period stated under the medical plan, whichever is less.

Benefits payable during this period will not be more than the amounts provided under the plan at the time the disability began.

Please note: Any subsequent change in the limits provided under this plan will not affect the benefits payable for a disability for which benefits have been extended under this provision.