Responsive Transportation

Students that are temporarily disabled should call the office of Disability Resources at 216.368.5230 and they will be approved for a two-week period. If the temporary disability requires transportation for longer than the two-week period, students must present documentation from their health care provider indicating the type of disability and for how long the student will require assistance. Temporary disabilities may include sprained or fractured legs or ankles, post-surgical recovery, debilitating treatments, or medical procedures. Documentation may be faxed to 216.368.8826 or emailed to

In the event that a student has a permanent disability, documentation must be submitted to the office of Disabilty Resources for evaluation and the same policies and procedures for students with disabilities apply.

Once students are approved for responsive transportation, they should follow this procedure:

  1. Call the security dispatcher at 216.368.3000 and ask for a transport.
  2. Be prepared to give the dispatcher your student identification number, pick up location and destination, and indicate whether a lift-equipped vehicle is required.
  3. The dispatcher will send a security vehicle to the identified location within 5 to 25 minutes. Students need to be ready and waiting at the pickup location.
  4. The service is available for locations within University Circle. The focus of the service is to provide students with transportation for courses, course related activities, and health care appointments. The service will transport only students that have been made eligible by Disability Resources.
  5. This service is provided as a courtesy. Please treat all personnel with respect. When students do not use the services appropriately and treat all staff with respect, their privileges may be revoked

View further instructions for requesting transportation and a boundary map.